Monday, August 23, 2010

Tasty Curd Rice

I came to know this recipe from one of my friend..i tasted her curd rice and decided to do it myself..its only curd rice but really its soo tasty

  • Rice
  • Curd-As needed
  • Milk-1/3 cup
  • Onion-1/2(finely chopped)
  • Green chilli-2(finely chopped)
  • Green seedless grapes-1 cup(chopped)
  • Carrot-1/2(grated)
  • Coriander leaves
  • Salt-to taste
  • Oil
  • Mustard seed
  • Urad dal

  • Mash the rice and mix all the above till salt
  • Heat the oil
  • Fry the mustard and urad dal
  • Pour that into the curd rice


  1. It is always a comfortable food. Do try to post some photos of your dish. Visit my blog when time permits.

  2. comfort food...rightly said shanthi ...!!


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