Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tasty and Healthy-Asparagus

when i first saw this asparagus i had no idea that one day im going to cook this.
I didnt feel like eating that.It looked wired and
thought to myself "why should i eat asparagus"
But after knowing about asparagus which is low in calories,no cholesterol and low in sodium
"why i shouldn't eat asparagus"when its tasty and healthy
so lets enjoy this

 Fresh Asparagus-5(cut the bottom edge,remove the skin leaving the head part and cut it into small pieces)
cumin seed-1/2tbs
ginger and garlic chopped
chilli powder-1/2tbs
fennel powder-1/4tbs
garam masala-1/4tbs
coriander leaves chopped
1.Heat the pan in medium and add oil
2.Put cumin seed in it
3.Then add ginger and garlic
4.when the smell of it disappears add tomato
5.Add chilli powder,fennel powder,garam masala and salt
6.finally add chopped asparagus and mix it well
7.pour little water and close the lid
8.After 5 mins stir it and cook till the asparagus get cooked
garnish it with coriander leaves

thin stems will have more taste.


  1. Hi Priya...thatz an interesting side dish with asparagus...love this Indianized version :)

  2. interesting desi version of asparagus..

  3. Simple & nice....all the best to you.I too have a very close friend in oregan

  4. It's looks very delicious..

  5. i tried this today evening.
    Priya you were 100% right.

    My husband loved it...

    Thanks for the recipe...

  6. wow! its really healthy n tasty!

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  7. First time here...Dish looks interesting and healthy...

  8. Hi, this is so yummy and healthy but never tasted though...


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