Monday, April 12, 2010

crispy vadai

This recipe is so healthy and easy to make
some tips make this recipe perfect.

  • urad dal
  • onion(1/4)
  • cumin seed(1/2 tbs)
  • hing(pinch)
  • curry leaves
  • pepper corns(crushed)
  • oil
Preparing urad dal:
  • soak urad dal for atleast 5 hours.
  • grind it with little or no water(consistency is more important)
  • Add pepper corns,hing,curry leaves,cumin seeds into urad dal
  • beat the grinded urad dal with hand
    Checking for right consistency:
    • put small amount of batter in a bowl of water
    • check whether its floating.
    • if its floating then its right consistency
      Making vadai
      • Add onion to the batte
      • Heat the oil
      • take batter in hand and make a hole 
      • flip it in the oil
      • fry it till brown


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